Pipeline Pre-clinical


Chemokines are chemotactic cytokines that regulate the trafficking and positioning of immune cells within the TME. The directed movement of immune cells into the TME is tightly regulated by the spatial and temporal expression of these chemokines. However, chemokines are multifunctional mediators that not only affect immune cell infiltration into tumors, but also have a great impact on the process of tumor growth, angiogenesis, and metastasis.

Monocytes/macrophages as well as regulatory T cells localized to the TME were suggested to be essential for the progression and development of cancer by inhibiting the anti-tumor immune attack. Recruitment and localization of these regulatory cells into the tumors is regulated by chemokines such as CCL5, CCL-2, and CXCL10. The Company has developed a unique discovery platform, Chemo-Hit™, to target the combinatorial activity chemokines that are involved in trafficking of these cells into the TME.

Biokine’s second program, BKT130 is a novel antibody that targets these key chemokines. BKT130 binds to these chemokines and inhibits the chemokines’ ability to stimulate adhesion and migration of these cells into sites of tumor development and block tumor development. BKT130 is in preclinical development stage. Biokine is planning to initiate phase I/IIa clinical study in cancer patients with in the next three years.


Aberrant migration and proliferation of cancer cells are the hallmark of metastatic tumors. Using our unique discovery platform, Chemo-Hit™A the company has identified novel synthetic small molecule (400d, a 5 simple step of production process) which inhibit selectively the migration and survival of hematological as well as solid cancer cells, but not normal cells.